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Quick Facts
  • Level: 68
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Grapple Weapon

Grapple Weapon
40 yd range
Instant1 min cooldown
You fire off a rope spear, grappling the target's weapons and shield, returning them to you for 8 sec.

If you steal a better main-hand weapon, your damage or healing will be increased by 5% or damage taken reduced by 5%.


Grapple Weapon
The Monk has stolen your weapons. Disarmed.
8 seconds remaining

Details on spell

Duration 8 seconds
School Physical
Mechanic Disarmed
Dispel type n/a
Cost None
Range 40 yards (Long Range)
Cast time Instant
Cooldown 60 seconds
Effect #1 (6) Apply Aura #67: Mod Disarm
Effect #2 (6) Apply Aura #254: Mod Disarm Shield
Effect #3 (6) Apply Aura #278: Mod Disarm Ranged