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Quick Facts
  • Level: 75
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3.5% of base mana
30 yd range
1.5 sec cast45 sec cooldown
Transforms the enemy into a frog. While hexed, the target cannot attack or cast spells. Damage caused may interrupt the effect. Lasts 1 min. Only one target can be hexed at a time. Only works on Humanoids and Beasts.


Cannot attack or cast spells.
1 minute remaining

Details on spell

Duration 60 seconds
School Nature
Mechanic Polymorphed
Dispel type Curse
Cost 3.5% of base mana
Range 30 yards (Medium Range)
Cast time 1.5 seconds
Cooldown 45 seconds
Effect #1 (6) Apply Aura #56: Transform (Small Frog)
Effect #2 (6) Apply Aura #60: Mod Pacify Silence
Effect #3 (6) Apply Aura #260: Screen Effect (754)