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Quick Facts
  • Level: 60
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Living Bomb

Living Bomb
Unlimited range
The target becomes a Living Bomb, taking 4 Fire damage over 12 sec. When this effect ends, or the target dies, it explodes to deal an additional 0.4 Fire damage to the target and all other enemies within 10 yards. Limit 3 targets. This spell is strongest when applied to 1 or 2 targets.

This spell has a 1.0 sec global cooldown.

Details on spell

Duration n/a
School Fire
Mechanic n/a
Dispel type n/a
Cost None
Range 50000 yards (Anywhere)
Cast time Instant
Cooldown n/a
Effect #1 (2) School Damage (Fire)
Value: 1 (SP mod: 0.08036)
Radius: 10 yards