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The Crumbled Chamberlain

Recover the Shoulder, Head, Staff, Hair and Torso of the Chamberlain.
Head of the Chamberlain (Provided)
Hair of the Chamberlain
Shoulder of the Chamberlain
Staff of the Chamberlain
Torso of the Chamberlain


You there! Assist me.

In life I was the Royal Chamberlain for his majesty, the Thunder King. For my dedication, I was condemned to this stone form, forever forced to watch over a portion of his wealth.

Someone has desecrated my glorious body and sent pieces of it across the island. The thought of spending an eternity as nothing more than a head depresses me.

Search the island, recover these pieces and I shall grant you one of his majesty's treasures.


I require ALL of my pieces. If so much as a pebble is missing, I shall consider forfeiting our agreement.


Ah! To feel whole again! You have my gratitude, servant. Take this stone and use it wisely. Should you encounter his majesty the Thunder King in your travels, do not tell him where you received it, or you will be standing in a statue next to me for the remainder of eternity.


You will receive:
Shan'ze Ritual Stone
The following spell will be cast on you:
Assemble the Statue
Also, you get: 11 40


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 236,000 experience (17 at max. level)