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Decisive Action

Infiltrate Stormsea Landing and open the courtyard gate from within. Speak with Taoshi to begin the mission.
Infiltrate Stormsea Landing


Zandalari warships plunder the seas around this island. They ferry in soldiers and war beasts from Zandalar to bolster Lei Shen's army.

If we can capture the palace shipyard, the Thunder King's supply line will be cut off, and your foothold here will be secure.

I have a plan to do just that, and it won't take an entire army.


Excellent work! With that blasted warship out of commission, the bombardments on our forces along the coast will cease.

Taran Zhu has informed me that the Shado-Pan will keep vigil over Stormsea Landing, freeing up Sunreaver resources to press the siege elsewhere. Taoshi will be there. I am sure she will be glad to work with you again.

We are all grateful for your contributions, <name>. Thank you.


The following spell will be cast on you:
Update Zone Auras
Also, you get: 11 40


Upon completion of this quest you will gain: