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2. Riding the Storm
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Riding the Storm

Use the Bronze Claws to mount 8 Shan'ze Cloudrunners. Attack them to free them of their corruption.
Bronze Claws (Provided)
Shan'ze Cloudrider saved (8)


Shan Bu, the leader of the Shan'ze, is performing some kind of dark ritual at the summit of the island to the northwest.

We believe that the subjugated Shan'ze Cloudrunners are powering the spell. How, we still do not know.

We believe that the Shan'ze Cloudrunners can still be saved from the corruption that taints them.

Take these bronze claws. Use them to mount the back of a Shan'ze Cloudrunner.

Attack them. Beat some sense back into their heads!


How did it go?


We do not fully understand what the Shan'ze are doing, or the nature of their domination over the wild serpents.

Ban's theory is that the only thing that can cut through the mind control is physical pain.

Once the Shan'ze Cloudrunners feel enough pain, it looses the corruption's hold, and they finally remember who they are.


Also, you get: 11 40
Lesser Charm of Good Fortune Valor Points


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 236,000 experience (8 22 at max. level)
  • 250 Reputation with Shado-Pan