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Ranger Rescue

Unlock Drywood Cages to save 4 Longying Rangers and Lin Silentstrike.
Longying Ranger rescued (4)
Free Lin Silentstrike


I must ask a most important task of you, <name>.

Somewhere among the cages in the Osul camp is my husband, Lin. He is the light of my world.

Please find him and return him to me, and save as many of our fellow Shado-Pan as you can as well.

You should find keys to those cages on the Osul Marauders.


How did it go?


I am truly sorry to hear that Lin did not make it.

Suna is taking the news quite hard. She will forgive me in time.

As for the rest of the Shado-Pan that you saved, well, I am very grateful to see them returned safe and sound.


Also, you get: 11


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 196,000 experience (1 80 at max. level)
  • 75 Reputation with Shado-Pan